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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

working? everyday?

It seems as though this job thing is really going to interfere with my facebook and blogging time. I'm commuting 140km to work everyday and in the office from 8:30-5:30. Good thing it only takes me 80 minutes... speedy Hannah. Anyways, I'm getting home pretty late, going to bed early, trying to squeeze in grocery shopping, baking, and laundry. And of course, a few games of bejeweled. As far as work goes, it's alright, tomorrow I might be closing a deal or two!! Inshallah. (Though the payout won't come until the new year... again, many thanks to my amazing roommates)

My dad was a bit concerned when I got this job. He reminded me that when I worked at a restaurant in university, I'd convinced him that tipping was not optional and encouraged him to become the worlds greatest tipper. Now that I'm working the phones, dad is concerned that he has to be nice to cold callers... Raquel worked the phones in Australia and taught me a few things I will share with you. If you don't want to talk to a telemarketer, don't. Politely tell them you're not interested, say goodbye, and hang up the phone. There is no need to tell them to 'ef' off and slam down the phone. There's also no need to keep them on the line for 5 minutes when you have no interest at all. However, not all people calling are trying to sell something. The company that I work for offers FREE independent financial services. We're sponsored by the Royal Family and paid by the institutions themselves. Therefore, you don't pay a thing and we file all the messy paperwork for you. We manage your accounts, keeping you up to date with any changes. So if I call you, I'm not actually selling anything so you don't have to be rude to me, ok? I've compiled a few of the good lines from the phones, thought I'd share them here...

Best lines from customers

Me: spheal
Him: What is it that I have to do to be removed from your list? Do I have to come down to your office or pay somebody money?

Me: spheal
Him: I actually work for [major competitor]... pause... and now is the time that I'm going to allow you to gracefully exit the conversation...

Me: spheal
Him: not interested, bye.

Neha: spheal (I was listening in training)
Him: You must not have heard, he's actually passed away, I'm just collecting messages.

Craig: spheal
Him: Thank you for calling all the time...

client answered the phone: Hi, take me off your database.