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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I reckon it's time to admit that I just might actually have turned into an adult. I've been in denial for quite awhile, using the excuse that the teenagers at the cinema have no respect for me when I ask them to keep it down. But really, only adults would complain about noisy teens. Today I picked up the keys to my new apartment. This is the first time since University that I've paid rent. I also researched and purchased car insurance for a year, signed a year long lease for an apartment, wore heels to work, and drank a coffee. I'm closer to 30 than to 25. I have sun damaged skin. I like getting a good nights sleep. Undoubtedly, I have become an adult.

How do I quit?


  1. where were you living before rent-free?

  2. hmm. the last time I signed a rental agreement was back in university when we lived at "the Lot". (or someone signed it, who knows whose name it was in, just that I paid a lot to fix that carpet I scorched). After that was 2+ years on a cruise ship with accommodation provided. Mum and dad put me up for a year after that, then I met up with Raquel in Australia. I contributed to the rent for 3 months, but then we ended up back on a ship and didn't pay rent. 3 months of traveling, then off to Korea where our housing was provided. Then I did 1 1/2 years at the university where they provided a villa for me to live in. After that stint ended, I did some back'n'forth, 8 weeks in the states, bumming with friends over here in Dubai and Al Ain. Finally now I am settled. Or getting settled. Or in transition to the new place.