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Saturday, July 14, 2012

A girl named Rosé

This summer is completely different than all of my past summer holidays.  Usually I am jetsetting around the world visiting friends and family.  I like spending a few weeks in North Carolina hanging out with my nephew Mateo and the family out there before I head out to Costa Mesa, California for some  bonding time with Asher and Judah!  I don't typically spend as much time there.  Sleeping on their couch is a bit more of an imposition on their regular schedule.  Though Amanda doesn't mind that I wake up with the boys and entertain them, change them, feed them, and then by the time Amanda wakes up her latte is hot and ready!

This summer I'm teaching for 6 weeks in British Columbia, Canada... It's a bit odd because I'm back at my old high school!  I have 12 Chinese students in my class and they're going to be a full on, entertaining group!  Yesterday was my first day and I walked in and the kids were there fully engaged in an intense game of foosball... with an apple.  Each time they smacked the ball bits of apple sprayed on them as chunks flew across the playing field.  The same kid, William, who came up with the apple idea later ended up eating a marker, blue ink streaking down his chin.  And later I turned around and saw him with some tissue shoved up his nose, shutting down a nosebleed!

Two of the girls showed up named Rose.  Neither of them wanted to change their name when we offered the names Rosa, Rosie, or Rosey.  Finally, one girl jumped up thrilled to change her name to Rosé - Yes, we did name one of our students after the local vineyards!

The afternoon was supposed to be a tour of Abbotsford.  I was all for the tour but decided to add a special Hannah twist by taking the kids to Starbucks!!  We took full advantage of their free Friday the 13th drinks and I even got to try both new flavors!  I'm excited for this summer and hope keep track of the random events here.


  1. So what are you teaching this group??? Yoga???

  2. Good idea, maybe I can incorporate some yoga into classes... It's a fusion of ESL, Canadian Culture, and having FUN!!!

  3. I wish i had a teacher like you! Love you