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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Travel Competition

Becca posts all the time, like more than once a day. Which is one of the reasons that I started blogging in the first place. I want to share things with people things all the time, and lots of the time, nobody will listen, or I'm all alone. For instance, everyday, at 7:30am, I pass by a camel racing track. I like watching them for the 14 seconds as I drive by. I always wish someone was experiencing this with me. Other times, I get caught up in the randomness of my life and just wish that others really understood what it's like to be living my life. SO - I became a blogger. For all 4 of you who regularly read this, and all 1 of you who comment (again, thanks Becca).

blahblahblah. continue.

I came back from the UAE this Christmas with two suitcases - 0ne inside of the other, with the intention of leaving one suitcase here. I've accumulated quite a few suitcases in the UAE and needed to transfer one back to the parents attic. Unfortunately, when I started packing tonight, I realized that I'd be filling BOTH of them up? I guess that I could blame the two costco sized boxes of Cheerios, or maybe it's just my poor packing skills. I'm not sure.

I doubt I'll live in the Emirates forever, so I've had to think about what I'm going to do with all this crap, and therefore I've decided that I'll have to have a competition. I won't be able to bring all this stuff back to .... wherever I go next, so I'll need one of you to help me. I reckon it'll be cheaper, or at least more fun, to fly someone over to the UAE to help me transport my stuff. You'd be allowed a hand carry, and I'd take care of the rest of your luggage. Sounds good, eh? A free trip to the middle east?

I dont know what sortof requirements this competition should have, nor am I moving anytime soon. But I just wanted to throw this out there to get you all thinking to yourselves (all four of my readers) - what do you have to contribute to this competition? Aaron is out in the lead, as he's given himself a lot of points for random reasons... he is a biker, going to build a tree house, and was sipping starbucks as we were chatting. Raquel got some points too, as she can't say no to a dare (so long as you dare her 3 times). So here's where everyone stands in the running:

Aaron: 34
Raquel: 14
Mateo: 100 points for cuteness* (can't travel alone, nor can he carry his luggage)
BMac: 12
Damaris: 20


  1. why am i not even in this running? maybe because i have a kid. but i could have sold you some tupperware to hold your cheerios to keep them fresh for over a year...but then i guess that's more stuff to bring back. hmm...is that minus points? thanks for the shout out! it's my goal to post more regularly this year. and i love that you drive by a camel track everyday. who knew there were such things?

  2. well there are positive and negative points... you def get points for realizing that you can be both positive and negative... +3 I'm sure tim could watch the snotbugger for a few days and let you get away, especially cause he might be ten by the time i need a moving team. and your tupperware def will help me with the packing and storaging + 10, however as you aren't giving it to me, but are SELLING it to me, that's -7. You do read and comment on my brothers blog regularly +6, so you're at +12. congrats.

  3. I should be in the race just because I m your fav cuz and that I come and visit you once a year at least. What are you plans for April????

  4. april? hmmm... are you coming to visit me? i might go to canada last week of april for a wedding.

  5. How can I have more points???? Can I send you tea or chocolate??? Would that work? I need to beat that Aaron!!!!!
    May be the first 10 days in april I have 10 days off and I was thinking for my 30th bday I should go somewhere. Any ideas?
    Hope you are having fun!

  6. hi hanners. i dream of going to the uae. sadly i have to live vicariously through you so keep on trucking!
    ...steven martin