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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

an entire year of this?

I forgot how tiring kids can be.  Who knew that the Grade 1's would be better behaved than the grade 4 boys...  And today wasn't even a full schedule!!  I had 5 classes, meaning I had 3 breaks.  BUT I was also the duty teacher and had to stand outside before school, after school, and during two of the "recess" periods (40 minutes total).  Of course I was late this morning (wasn't aware I was supposed to be outside and not in my computer lab on the internet) and then I didn't see the kids climbing on the roof.  Am I a failure?  And this is just the second week....

 But then my brilliant roommate Elaina came up with a monthly weekend travel plan including Kuwait, Jordan, and Beirut!  So as I hide away in my computer lab with one class left today, I dream of travel, airplanes, and new adventures.  And I have 14 weeks paid holidays a year...

Moral of the Story:  40 days without coffee are LONG friggin' days.


  1. oh i hated duty! and to be the one at ALL breaks? that makes for a long day - i hear you! sorry, i haven't been reading - i've been ignoring my google reader for a week or so. great daily posts - i'll be back: loving it!

  2. ok... you have way more self control than I do. How in the WORLD did you give up these things??

  3. hahaha Krista, I have NO self control... I used the aid of a homeopathic detox and that's what helped me survive!! :)