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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

FIVE years???

This week I had a freak out moment.  One of those moments where you just stop, pause, and then seriously FREAK OUT inside of your head.  I had just met the Grade 5 girls class and was having a wonderful chat with them.  They were laughing at my jokes, saying I looked 19 years old, and calling me skinny.  Basically a perfect day. 

Then one girl asked me how long I plan to stay in the UAE.  I paused for about a millisecond and then said, "probably two more years."  Then she asked me how long I have lived in the UAE and I answered "nearly 3 years."  When I remember that I've lived here for 3 years it doesn't seem so long.  I moved here when I was 26 years old and this year will be turning 29.   But when I realized that 3+2=5, that's when the freak out happened.  I just verbally committed myself to living 5 years in the MIDDLE EAST?!?!?

I have lived in Canada for 7 years of my life.  I have lived in the United States of America for 2 years of my life.  I lived in Peru for 15 years of my life.  And now I'm saying that I will live in the United Arab Emirates for 5 years? WHAAAT?  That was not the plan.  Prior to this desert "pit-stop", I spent 5 years traveling, always moving on after 8 to 12 months... I know I have great holidays (spent 10 weeks of 2009 in North America and already have spent 9 weeks of 2010 back in North America, with 2 weeks for Christmas already booked).


Moral of the story:  Am glad the coffee detox ends in 11 days so I can relax with a latte

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