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Sunday, October 31, 2010


This might be a shocker to you, but I don't particularly LOVE my job.  But we're taught to find joy in every situation, and so for today, these are the three things at my work that made me smile.

1)  Adam, the smartest grade 2 student (according to his mother), was wearing a sweatband in class today.  It was so colorful and pretty - reminded me of nature... I mean, the Jamaican flag and that weird marijuana leaf on the side were very natural.  I LOVED it and Laughed.  Out.  Loud.
2) The male PE teacher who insists on using the female toilets - can't seem to wear his track pants below his belly button.  I'm pretty sure it's NOT possible for him to wear them any higher!!!
3) 2 weeks until Eid holidays and 8 weeks until Christmas break!! I love that in November and December combined I have 3 weeks paid holidays... And a 3 day weekend thrown in for fun... and a random weekday off!

 Moral of the story:  If all else fails, just go home, make a latte, and crawl into bed!


  1. And 4) was just informed that the last two of December are EXAM weeks and there will be a maximum of 2 hours of work a day!!!

  2. Very good points! Love, Mom

  3. who is this "we" you speak of when you say, "we're taught to find joy in every situation." it's a fantastic way to look at life, hanners, but not everyone can do it. way to find some joy and thanks for sharing it. ;)