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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Years in NYC

Life plans are meant to change, right?  Yesterday the plan was for me to spend Christmas in California.  Today I got an email and the plan is for North Carolina.  I'm ok with any plan, so long as I get to see my family, smooch a nephew, and eat at the Waffle House with Seth!!  (he always spends half of his holidays in NC and half in Cali... good times).

Well with 85 days until NEW YEAR'S EVE in New York City, I was thinking perhaps I should take advantage of my layover in NY and make a trip out of it.  I'm not too keen to spend the night in the city alone, so I thought I'd throw this out there and see if YOU want to come and join me??!?!?!?  Anybody out there want to share a latte in the big apple?  pound down dinner from a street vendor?  freeze are arses off at the park?

This is my invite, come one - come all.

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  1. Amanda and I are going to go see the lights in Waxhaw and somewhere in CLT. The CA boys are SO CUTE and they told me they were missin their Auntie Hannah...(I'm sure that is what they said last night when they were crying.)...mom