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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'll be home for Christmas

I love Coldplay's new song, it's exactly how I've felt the past while... haven't been feeling the Christmas spirit. BUT in 8 sleeps, I'm headed to the airport and flying home to spend Christmas with my family.  And I feel a little Christmas creeping in.  Last night I finished up my shopping for my secret santa here in the UAE.  A few of us girls are getting together this week and doing a gift exchange and dinner... obviously, I can't eat the sweets because I'm still detoxing, BUT the girls are going to enjoy dinner and desserts.

Because of some creative booking, I get to fly direct from Dubai to New York on Wednesday night.  This morning I spoke with my principal and it's not an issue that I'm missing Thursday at work (so long as all my end of term marks are submitted before I go).  phewf.  He did remind me that teachers are expected back January 2nd and of course I'll be back... eventually (even I can't predict volcanic ash or a New York Blizzard)... blizzard, I miss DQ Blizzards. . . stupid detox.

You know what I won't miss when I leave this place?  I won't miss the perma-wet bathroom floors, seriously, is it necessary to wet the ENTIRE bathroom floor while using the hand held bidet? SERIOUSLY?  I'm pretty sure the toilets at the world cup were cleaner than the one at my school. ICK.

Also, what's with the teacher who wears the same shirt 7 days in a row?  Does he have 7 different PINK shirts? Or is it the same shirt again and again?   This week he's moved on to a peach shirt.  Equally as attractive as the last one.

Somehow I ran out of internet time while drinking my green tea here at Starbucks... as I was rambling along here, forgetting my purpose, boring you in the process...

Moral of the Story:  Should have stuck with Coffee.


  1. yeah, you never lose track of time with coffee? :) im in full christmas mode around here and have been since before thanksgiving even! ha. jobens going to be so christmased out by the time the 25th rolls around. here are things to get excited for: lots of fun in the kitchen with me, moms monkey bread on christmas morning (you will cheat for this) starbucks christmas drinks (just one! :) ) shopping at the fancy mall with no babies just me, biltmore girls trip, wine tasting :), driving around looking at christmas lights displays, making gingerbread houses with the boys, watching white christmas, the grimey waffle house in SC late night with us and seth, my babies dedication, and just all around good times :) yay. get in the spirit woman!

  2. Yes! I put up some Christmas decorations in the kitchen tonight....and on the front porch and in the living room...ICC Staff coming tomorrow for lunch and prayer...Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Love, Mom

  3. I can't wait to see you both!! Amanda, you really captured all the amazing moments that are waiting for us. Southpark mall is definitely a highlight. . . and biltmore with mum will be cool too!!!! oh yeah, and all the other stuff too will be phenomenal! :) mom, i copied your christmas lights in the jar and it looks good in my kitchen :)