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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

... this isn't columbine ...

Living and teaching overseas opens up a can of craziness.  I know facebook is trying to force our lives into the truman show, but sometimes I just wish that there was a camera following me around.  When I arrived at school yesterday I was NOT looking forward to the day... but after hearing the music teacher announce over the microphone to all of the students at assembly, "don't forget to wear your traditional clothes tomorrow and to bring your guns to school," I couldn't get rid of the smile on my face.

Tomorrow is UAE National Day - 39 years as a country - and in anticipation, today was a giant carnival.  Not eating sugar or starch made the buffet impossible and I resisted the smell of popcorn and cotton candy.  At one unfortunate time I found myself at the top of the giant blow up air slide monitoring the kids (haha, you know I loved every second of it).

Happy National Day UAE!!!  And don't forget to bring your guns to school!!


  1. Hannah - you know I've spent a fair amount of time living, teaching/working overseas but nothing I have experienced can top your "don't forget to wear your traditional clothes tomorrow and to bring your guns to school" comment - holy moley!!!!! After reading that, I'm def gonna ramp up my prayers for you and your safety, girl!!! xoxo

  2. Anitra.... the guns are not for shooting, are part of a spinning gun tradition here... a demonstration that the kids do in assembly... and at weddings... come on, baton twirling just seems boring after this!! :)