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Monday, May 16, 2011

Life isn't fair...

I’ve often written on this blog about my detox/cleanse/weight loss about the friends I've made online and the support system.  I used to know NOTHING about nutrition and have slowly been learning to love healthy, organic food instead of sugars and carbs.  My body craves musli, almonds, raspberries, and greek yoghurt instead of cheerios.  I’ve swapped out rice and breads for tuna, tahini, sesame oil, tomatoes, cucumbers, and tabullah.  Snacks are nuts, fruits, veggies and cheeses rather than chocolate and chips.

I would NEVER have gotten here without the support system that I found through Ketomist.  Suzanne Jackson, one of the administrators on the website, took a personal interest in my shedding – to the point where I would call her a true friend.  She and my mom even met up last month in Southern California for a coffee!! BUT Suzanne has been treated so unfairly by the Ketomist site and is no longer a part of it. The way she and others have been treated makes me question whether I want to be a part of the Ketomist community either. 

Suzanne never seemed to log off from the website, going above and beyond as an administrator. Suzanne was hired as an independent consultant (as per the owner of Ketomist request).  No taxes were taken out, no benefits were given.  She was NOT an employee and there was NEVER any signed agreement between them at any time.

Suzanne decided to copyright her materials – not as a ploy to steal from the company, but because she believed it would act as a safeguard for her hard work.   In researching copyright laws, she learned that in order for Ketomist to ‘own’ the content of her work, Suzanne would have to be paid by the article with a signed agreement for EACH submission. Most publishing contracts give the writer the capability to publish the same content themselves, with options such as a time restriction, being able to publish ‘in part’, or to give full links and notification that the original content was published in such-and such manner and by such-and-such magazine, etc.

Once Suzanne decided to copyright her materials, the “dark side” of Ketomist showed up.   Her account was suspended and ultimately she was terminated.  Ketomist released the following memo, “Suzanne Jackson is no longer with Ketomist.  She has made the decision to move on.  Even though we don’t think anyone can actually replace her, we will have someone doing their best to try and fill her shoes shortly.”  The memo claims she left Ketomist voluntarily - but she did NOT!

Interestingly, within days of Suzanne’s termination, her copyrighted materials were re-written, slightly re-worded and placed in a new area on the site - in the new Knowledge Base on the Ketomist site (dated back in January – hmmm, had this been in the works for a few months). Apparently, Ketomist was taking her materials and making them their own, without giving her the credit.   I’m not stupid.  I was 17 once and in university.  I “re-wrote” papers and quotes and credited them as my own.  I know what plagiarism is. I was a pro.  Ketomist can’t trick me.  And why would they want to? And why have they treated Suzanne so unfairly?  Why couldn't they have worked WITH Suzanne instead of against her? And what will they do to others if they can do this to Suzanne?

Ketomist took the insult one step further by censoring the members.  After they accused Suzanne of abandoning the people she so faithfully mentors, they started censoring and deleting members.  SERIOUSLY???  I thought that the point of the website was to support people on their journey towards weight loss, not protect Rob's side of events or censor members who dared to acknowledge that Rob's version was not the entire story.  One member had the audacity to state that there were two sides to every story and that we wouldn’t really ever know what happened – trusting that both parties had done what they thought was best.  A few hours later she was ejected from the site, comments deleted, and the comment section closed.

Thankfully there is a happy ending to this story.  Because of her termination, Suzanne has been forced to branch out on her own.  She was not planning this move, was not planning to become a small business owner.  But – she is embracing the change and opportunity to help others in their journey towards health.  She has been gifted with the desire as well as the knowledge to help others.  Suzanne is very patient, kind, sympathetic and understanding. She was the support that made the product so wonderful.  She related to her clients in a very personal way.  Suzanne has missed everyone on the Ketomist site and has a lot of concern for them.  The ONLY thing that made Ketomist different than other HCG protocols was that Suzanne’s entire heart was poured into the project.  She was the difference – her sincerity, knowledge, and LOVE for each member of Ketomist.  She did not leave by choice, abandoning the protocol.

Suzanne is available for consult through her website, protocol2health.  What Ketomist does not seem to understand is that the support Suzanne provided cannot be summed up in a static FAQ page, or rewritten into some kind of 'Knowledge Base'.  Suzanne answered everyone, she made herself available at all hours, and she had good information  - all of which combined to make her support invaluable.  (When you are struggling, and you ask a question and you get an answer - a real, solid and personal answer - your chances of success are incalculably improved.  I know, because it happened to me.)

I hope that you will support Suzanne in her new endeavor. It’s easy to just let it slide, it wasn’t my job lost – BUT I love Suzanne, I trust her – and I know that my successful weight loss was due to her love and compassion for me – first for my emotional, psychological, spiritual and THEN for physical healing.


  1. Think I'll be taking a walk from Ketomist. Rob, you got greedy and you know it!


  2. I am glad you posted this, she was treated unfairly. I am glad she has gone on her own!

  3. Well, Hanners, apparently I missed all of the drama.

    I always appreciated Suzanne, too - she did a *great* job answering seemingly everyone's questions with a lot of caring and classy tactfulness. But most of all, with *kindness*.

    I have learned that there are a lot of *nice* people in the world who just tell you what you want to hear, or say nice things just to go along, to get along. But, as soon as you turn your back or are out of ear-shot, viciously stab you in the back. I'm not saying that's what happened here, just that there is a difference between those who are "nice" and those who are truly kind. And sometimes, it's just the way communication is received and/or interpreted, as we all have our own filters.

    Finding Ketomist has changed my life. When I became a member, I was only a week into using prescription HCG drops. Both my husband and I paid $500 each to a medical clinic just to make sure that it was not only safe for us, but that after spending that kind of money, no way were we not going to follow the Protocol to the letter.

    However, when it became apparent that no follow-up or sincere, convenient, support was included for that kind of money, I felt lucky at that point to find Ketomist. I paid another $77 for a bottle just to get all the support documents and recipes; but the caring support was an incredible bonus, which proved invaluable in our journey.

    So for me, I will stay focused on the product and how well IT works. With any new endeavor there are always growing pains, misunderstandings, and challenges. As well, it is my experience that all things happen for a reason and that there are no coincidences in life. Sometimes the rug gets pulled out from under us so that we can actually move on to where we need to be to start our next chapter.

    We are all teachers for one another and students, both - how we *respond* to the challenges in life is what builds character and in the long run, makes all the difference.

    Adaria :)

  4. Bless you for telling the whole story, Hanners. For all her hard work, Suzanne is now able to reap the profits. KetoMist may have her words, but Protocol2Health has her Wisdom!
    Not to sound like a 70's feminist, but this is a well worn historical phenomena. I'm delighted the ending is different. Brave Suzanne moved on and up, instead of in and down. I'll support her by purchasing the product from her, advocate for her site and pray her hard (and heart) work bring her abundance.

  5. Unfortunately it seems that Suzanne was not the only one banned for standing up for herself. Apparently Paulette got banned for a similar reason. So did anyone who questioned what went on behind the scenes and Rob's "setting the record straight."

    I even wonder if Rob's Ketomist/MyFatCure version of what happened with Kyle is true. I happen to think that Rob guy may be lying about a lot more than just these things.

    Seems like there should be alot more questions about how that guy treats his emplyees. I know from what I saw happening that I will never buy his product again, ever. And if Suzanne is selling a product and has it available, I will always choose to buy from her first.

    Strange that the very people who were always there to help and support are the very ones Rob only sayd bad things about. How can all of his relationships crash and burn like that if he is a common factor.

    Me personally, I do not do business that way. And I sure do not like what I saw going on there. Seeing all of Suzanne's articles stolen and placed under Rob's sister's name with his Copyright on them was unbelievable. That guy has gall. And if is is willing to treat a darling like Suzanne that way, I can only imagine what it must be like for customers who have problems. I bet there's a lot more bad goign on behind the scenes than any one of us could possible begin to guess. Pretty sad if you ask me.

  6. I can almost guarantee that Robs versions of the stories are little truth; when he "explains" the situations and someone steps up to the conversation to point out the flaws of his story, he alway seems to close the conversation to additional comments, almost like he's protecting something?? geez......

    Good for Suzanne with her new venture of Protocol 2 health, as well as Kyle with My Slim Fix.com....they both helped Rob a lot. Suzanne with her amazing support we all love, and Kyle with getting the product brought into Canada, which so many Canadians can not thank him enough....you would think Rob would make sure he kept those good relationships, wouldn't you??

    There must have been something more that happened to have the outcomes that occurred with these key people Rob had. I wish them all the best of luck and hope that we can all show support to them both. They both have a real amazing heart to help people!!

  7. Adaria, thanks for your comments. I know that you are very supportive of all the members and have contributed a lot of time and knowledge to make sure that others are successful. I love the product and fully support the product and the success that people are having with it. I have never contributed much to any site regarding nutrition, protocol, or maintaining - I have just been following others, encouraging them, and telling of my crazy adventures in the middle east!! I love the community of members. BUT when everything happened to Suzanne, I just didn't want to be a part of that community any longer. I couldn't. Suzanne is blessed to have the skills and motivation to keep going, to branch out on her own. I am proud to have her as a friend and I am so thrilled that I have her in my life to encourage me and to help me maintain a healthy body!!

    CeighBree - I agree, Suzanne moved ON and UP!!!

    Anonymous people- sometimes it's safer to stay anonymous on posts like this one. I agree it was pretty suspicious when Rob's sister had re-posted all of Suzanne's blogs just days after she was suspended... hmm, funny how that was planned out in advance!!! I'm sure that a lot happened behind the scenes...

    I am privileged to be able to support Suzanne!

    Please spread the word about her website and product!!

  8. I noticed right from the start that Rob was a flake when you had to buy the product to join the support group. The only reason was to keep out naysayers instead of letting them be convinced by those who have successfully done it. There are a million forums where people don't have to buy something to join it and have their freedon of speech but Ketomist was not one of them! He constantly told half the story and is/was using ketomist to launch all his other products to his captive audience. I don't think he even relies on Ketomist sales anymore so could care less how he is perceived. If he did care he would trim his extensive beard and mansweater in an effort to look like a professional.

    The minute Kyles site was up I joined it WITHOUT having to buy it first, what a breath of fresh air! Paulette is the resident expert and I can't imagine not having a knowledgeable person at Ketomist! I didn't follow the link yet but I hope Suzannes site is selling her own version of hHCG!!

  9. Daniel (not Dan)May 17, 2011 at 1:54 AM

    You're sadly, grossly and unshakably ignorant of not only the facts of this circumstance but also the laws governing copyrighted material, Hanners. But you -- like many others -- simply want to believe what you want to believe.

    RE: "The memo claims she left Ketomist voluntarily - but she did NOT"

    You're actively spreading a lie, Hanners. I have the private email trail to prove that Suzanne left and deleted her material voluntarily, but you'll never see copies of it from me, as I respect the parties' privacy (and, besides, I know the truth of the situation). Perhaps Suzanne will choose to make those exchanges public one day -- it would certainly provide closure; but until she does, you'll just have to take this 'evil insider's' word for it. Or maybe you should post a rant, demanding her proof.

    You raised a few GREAT questions that deserve all of your mystery-solving abilities, such as they are: "...Why would [Ketomist] want to [trick you]? And why have they treated Suzanne so unfairly? Why couldn't they have worked WITH Suzanne instead of against her?

    Hrmmm....Maybe Ketomist/Rob just 'suddenly' -- slowly, eerily (being pulled by the 'dark side') got greedy and decided to screw someone who'd been with him FROM THE BEGINNING out of a valued/valuable position. Maybe he thought he actually owned the fruits of labor for which he paid Suzanne in an implied work-for-hire relationship. Maybe Rob never actually tried to work with Suzanne -- just decided that he wanted her material any way he could so he copied all of "her" material and fired her. Yes! That MUST be how it went!! BuWahahahaha!!! Hail Evil Emperor Rob!!

    Wait. There's another possibility. Maybe you're just wrong, Hanners. Or have you never stopped to consider that possibility? Because, THAT's the true epiphany. But explaining that to you would be like trying to explain water to a fish.

    Finally, you won't have to question whether or not you'd want to be a part of the Ketomist community. You've made your choice, and I've honored it. May you find peace and truth.

  10. Let me be VERY clear! I know EXACTLY what went on regarding Rob, Suzanne, Paulette, Kyle and everything else I'm Shawn, Rob's business partner. I couldn't care less about Kyle's or Suzanne piggy backing (stealing, taking advantage of what they had been given by Rob to be a part of) to start their own endeavor. I'm posting ONLY to offer this...Hanner you and these blind followers of Kyle and Suzanne don't know crap! ANY person replying to this post who will provide an email, I PERSONALLY will fill them in on every detail in other words IF YOU WANT THE TRUTH I'll be happy to CALL anyone and tell them exactly what took place. Now you can all carry on with these lies which will result in self destruction anyway, OR you can choose to be educated with THE TRUTH! I must say I fully expect most if not ALL who read this are like mushrooms...living in the dark eating the crap being fed to you by Hanner, Suzanne, Kyle or any OTHER person no longer with KETOMIST. Best of luck to all of you. You ALL deserve what you ask for.

  11. Shawn - perhaps it'd be best if you remained a SILENT partner.

    Daniel - YOU may be the one who is wrong. Like Wiley Coyote following Roadrunner off a cliff, you think you're on solid ground - till you happen to look around.
    So look around. Do you really think ALL of us are uninformed about copyright laws and what went on? Or maybe you think we're all just stupid? Or perhaps all evil?

    Maybe, just maybe, we want to be part of a community that treats it's members better than the way Ketomist has been treating it's members these last few months. Maybe it has become clear - through Rob's actions AND yours, DnD, that the 'Ketomist community' is just seen as dollar signs and not as people. Maybe that's the entire problem.

    A fascist regime is a government representative of business and special interests - not of the people. A democracy is a form of government that is representative of the PEOPLE.

    We, the people of Ketomist, resent being governed with censorship and lies and disapearances and secrecy and members being put to 'death' without a 'hearing'.
    We ask for fairness and honesty and freedom of speech and integrity and in return we offer our money and goodwill and support of a product that comes from such things.
    The way Paulette, Kyle, and Suzanne all disapeared was handled by the admin in a way that seemed dishonest at best. The way posts have been censored and members banned/disapeared/excommunicated seems completely facist and unfair and the resulting environment is one of real distrust and secrecy. And you expect us to have good 'word of mouth' and promote your product? The only thing that differentiated your product from the now hundreds of others was the support site. And now the support site is a corrupted mess.
    Sorry, but it's true.
    What is that saying - 'The truth will out'?
    It will and it has. Through your actions, not your words, the truth has been made evident.

    Shawn, please do not call me to put your spin on this. I do not want spin. I want truth and honesty IN GENERAL and OVERALL. I want to be able to post ideas and opinions WITHOUT FEAR and I want to KNOW that others are doing the same as well. Otherwise it's just untrustworthy garbage. And most importantly, I want to believe that the product I'm buying and telling others to buy is legitimate and produced with honesty and integrity. And a little bit of dishonesty here and a little bit of secrecy there and a little bit of censorship everywhere ADDS UP to an environment of distrust and who wants to buy a product surrounded by that?

    You should have protected our trust. And now you should figure out a way to win our trust back. THAT is what I'm asking for and YES, we deserve it.

  12. And the first mushroom speaks.....

  13. Dictatorship is easy. Democracy is hard, but it's worth it.

  14. Insults are easy. Listening is hard. And also worth it.

  15. A person can fail many times, but they aren’t a
    failure until they begin to blame someone else.

  16. WOW professionalism at its best LOL!! Shawn and DnD did you actually think that posting this publicly was going to help your cause?? Calling people mushrooms, REALLY?? These are people who have put milk and bread on your table for your family.....WOW

    Theres an old saying "The wounded dog of the pack does the most crying and yelping".....I hear a lot of crying and yelping from Shawn & DND.

    Shawn were you part of the actual conversations prior to the leave of Paulette, Kyle or Suzanne or anyone else who has left?? Were you in on any of the phone conversations?? Hmmmm unless you and Rob are physically joined at the hip I don't think you were.......so therefore I don't think you can give any "clarification" of truth geez talking about mushrooms, what do you call yourself??

    All these people above are showing their support to Suzanne or Kyle without receiving a pay cheque, yet i'm sure you have received quit a few for your supporting to Rob and ketomist....hmmm who to believe??

    Even if you guys are correct and this is all a lie, you have done a HORRIBLE job of communicating that and professionally trying to set the record straight. Even if I wanted to believe you, your and DND's response is soo disgusting it makes me sick. If this is the character of Ketomist as you have represented then I want no part of it, it only confirms what Hanner's and others are saying. If this is how your respond to your "valued" customers I cant imagine how you and employees/owners of Ketomist reacted to anyone else who have been removed.

    Piggy backing lol....they obviously saw how to operate a business a little better than what you have portrayed the last while and as you have just represented. Suzanne's site is new but I have not heard or seen ONE bad thing come from Kyle's My Slim Fix site, NEVER bad talking you Rob, Ketomist in any way. He's even gone to the extent to continue to support Ketomist and all it does. He seems to be in it for the people, and encourages anyone to be apart of the site weather they are his customers, yours or anyone else's; now that is the attitude and character of a business and support site I want to be a part of. Yet you sit here and bash them.

    A great book says "A tree is known by its fruit" I don't need to know the whole truth, I need pick from the trees that are producing good fruit......I'm not seeing good fruit produced right now from the above comments of Ketomist representatives.

    All though I must thank you for your added comments DnD and Shawn, it really did set the record straight on a lot of questions I had about Ketomist and their actions and attitudes. Your above comments can not be disputed, changed, altered, manipulated, in anyway on this one, and I hope all have the opportunity to read it for themselves and not hear it second hand.

  17. *Eats popcorn* This is getting good!

  18. "piggy backing (stealing, taking advantage of what they had been given by Rob to be a part of) to start their own endeavor."

    Listen Shawn, there is a rule in business; if you treat your customers with honesty and respect you will never have to fear losing them to another company.

    Every day people leave companies to start their own business. When people are achievers and put into a small box they want to expand and jump out of that box and make it bigger and better. They see opportunity, most great people of business have stepped up the same way. It in no way is that considered stealing or taking advantage of.

    The people you mention that "stole, took advantage" of only stepped out of that box. If Rob didn't see that potential they had and harness that for his own benefit that is HIS fault, not theirs or anyone else's.

    Great business's don't become great from the same idea's as others but how those business's are run and how they treat their customers and how they take that idea and bring it to the next level......We see this everyday in daily shopping.......why do you think Walmart became as big as it is today?? Do you think they were the first to sell what they sell?? Yet they put many others before them out of business....did they steal, take advantage of what was done before them?? NO they took it to the next level and did it better!!

  19. What kind of moron does business on an "implied" contract then steals the work of someone with whom he has no contract, then comes out in public libeling that person and others who worked for him after also doing it in a private forum. Rob, Shawn and Dan, stupid is as stupid does. You deserve to all get sued.

  20. So if the silent partner presents himself like a clown, does he get called a mime? Is Dan like the assistant clown? Rob Chief Clown?

    Seems like they keep drowning themselves in their own nonsense and I haven't even gotten to see the act where they bring out the fire hose and pretend to put out invisible fires.

    Hold on, I think I see it above.

    Everything they say just sounds more nad more like a bitter circus of resentment.

    Yes men (no I will not say gentlemen after what I see above) Suzanne is well-liked. You are disliked.

    After seeing the above three ring stupidity, I too will never do business with ketomist again. In fact Rob, if there is any other business venture you are thinking about, please send it to everyone on the ketomist site again just like you did with your contraption. I for one want to know which companies and products to avoid in the future.

    If it has your names on it I'll put it on the top of my list!

  21. I will gladly provide an email Shawn: I'd love to see what you have. Put your money where your mouth is man: sorentoaway (at) yahoo (dot) com.


  22. Let's try for no more name calling. Please people. I'll try too.

    What happened between Suzanne and Rob could easily be an issue that needs a court's involvement - there really are gray areas that could be argued one way or another. So it makes sense that they both think they are right. This is why we HAVE courts and judges - so someone can hear everyone's side, and decide who wins. Right now, no one's winning.

    We're ALL losing (losing members, valuable helpers, and credibility) because of the way the Ketomist site has been changing and the way it's members have been/are being treated. There has been so much censorship and so many disapearances plus *some amount* of deception (even DnD has reffered to an inability to be completely transparent) that now there is a distinct feeling of growing distrust.

    Rob, Shawn, Daniel, you can see that there are unhappy people here. We are your public. Please hire a Public Relations firm so that you may better 'speak' to us. I believe that a Public Relations firm could really help improve communications and relations here, and POSSIBLY even could rebuild what seems to have been destroyed - trust.

    A PR firm would not allow name-calling and probably would not have 'allowed' any of your admins to speak here or elsewhere without their comments being scrutinized first.

    A PR firm would help present a 'professional' and democratic front to the world, no matter how ANGRY Rob and Shawn and Daniel et all are behind the scenes that their tactics have failed them and their customers are leaving.

    Hire a PR firm, let someone counsel you in 'how to get along with people'. We are your people. You need people to sell to. We are the tangible numbers. Count us. Our happiness, -our trust- may be intangible, but ultimately it's what really counts here.

  23. I understand that people are upset that Suzanne is no longer with KetoMist. There really is more to the story than any of us will ever know but I think that people are giving Rob a bad rap over some misinformation.

    I have watched the growing pains of My Fat Cure and KetoMist. For such a small company to have accomplished as much as it has in such a short time Rob has done well to keep up with all of us.

    I would like to point out that Leslie was hired BEFORE Suzanne left. The support tab was being built prior to her leaving. The material used for the table of contents were created by Suzanne and some by Daniel and Rob as part of the KetoMist team and became part of the KetoMist website data base. When Paulette and Suzanne left they were both given the option to stay as members but both decided to leave and THEY deleted their own personal content. We all lost some valuable personal blogs when they decided to do this. To assume he was plotting to get rid of Suzanne is just plain ridiculous -I strongly believe Rob was attempting to assist the moderators and himself with the ever growing needs of this website so that we would all be able to find our answers onsite no matter what time of day we needed one.

    Remember, Rob had been advised by his attorney to change the name of the product and the website. (See his post on his homepage). I believe this was a great opportunity to make the website information less personal and more informational. What was once a small family of Fat Cure users became a larger business and needed to be treated as such.

    I would like us to consider that although this is a great support site that we all cherish, it is also a business for Rob with some rather hefty legal responsibilities and lest you forget IT IS HIS LIVELIHOOD. It is imperative that it is monitored well, the information is as accurate as possible and that anyone who is criticizing the product, the team or himself should be removed under the policies of NING/KetoMist. He is well within his rights to remove anyone who is promoting and recruiting for other products/websites. I saw the blogs and chats suggesting to people that they join SlimFix or go to Suzanne’s website or email her personally after she left. I, also was cc'd and saw the nasty emails some people sent criticizing Rob (those banned members made their complaints/recruiting public and warranted swift removal under the posted policy of NING/KetoMist) had they instead reached out to Rob with their concerns privately they might still be on the site.

    I ask you, if you owned a company such as this would you let these kinds of things happen? Would YOU risk your business ??

    Rob is greedy you say? Really?? Or is he is protecting his assets and personal investments? Don’t forget he also provides this website to all of us FREE and gives us the opportunity to earn money back not only on your orders but any orders referred by you-find me another hhcg company who does that.

    I am a firm believer in KetoMist and the great community the website has been able to create. Even more than that...I COUNT ON IT.

    We will survive without Suzanne as long as we all focus on what we are all here to do - getting healthy again. Spending your time bad mouthing Rob won’t get you your results any faster or better. There is still no ONE place that does it as well as KetoMist IMHO... I found the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am sticking with it and referring everyone I know. I wish Hanners and Suzanne well but it is time to move on.

  24. I understand that people are upset that Suzanne is no longer with KetoMist.

    There really is more to the story than any of us will ever know but I think that people are giving Rob a bad rap over some misinformation.

    I do want to point out that Leslie was hired before Suzanne left. The help desk and support tab were being built prior to her leaving. The material used for the table of contents wewr created by Suzann and also Daniel and Rob as part of the KetoMist team and became part of the KetoMist data base. When Paulette and Suzanne left they were both given the option to stay as members but both decided to leave and delete their content. We all lost some valuable personal blogs when they both did that.

    Remember, Rob was advised by his attorney to change the name of the product and the website. Updating the website was his opportunity make the information less personal and more informational. The website grew from the small Fat Cure family into a larger business that warranted these changes.

    I would like us to consider that although this is a great support site that we all cherish, it is also a business for Rob with some rather hefty legal responsibilities. It is imperative that it is monitored well, the information is as accurate as possible and that anyone who is criticizing the product, the team or himself should be removed under the policies of NING/KetoMist. He is well within his rights to remove anyone who is promoting and recruiting for other products and websites.

    As for people being banned without cause, I was cc'd on the emails and read the nasty comments. I was also recruited to join Kyle's website and it was recommended that I seek out Suzanne's for personal advise. If this was your business and LIVELIHOOD what would you do?

    Greedy, too, you say. Let's not forget that KetoMist and it's materials are provided to us FREE and Rob gives us the opportunity to earn money back on our orders and friend and family referrals. Show me another hhcg site that does that?

    I have found a product that works, is relatively reasonable in this market and comes with a support site. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I count on this site and do not want to see it disappear. Rob has absolutly NO obligation to have a support site at all and it pisses me off that a few people are attmepting to ruin it all for the rest of us. We may miss Suzanne, and now you too Hanners, but it is time we all moved on.

  25. Oh I get it. You are going to delete my comments because I supported Rob and have a difference of opinion. Apparently you want to prevent an open, intelligent discussion about how to improve the website and encourage the trash talk instead. Whatever - just proves to me what kind of person you really are. I saw all your middle of the night postings of this blog...Shame on YOU, too. Have a nice life. OOO quick, delete this one too before anyone sees it.

  26. Ewwwww....And Ick

    This biker chick just isn't as well spoken as others, but excuse me while I go scrape my tongue.

    I just don't know what else to say - well, I do but everyone else (give or take a couple) have been so well spoken and nice.

    Seems like representatives of a certain support group could be compared to my panties:
    Some crawl up your ass... Some snap under pressure... Some don't have the strength to hold you up... Some get a little twisted... Some are your favorites... Some are cheap and just plain nasty...And some actually do cover your ass when you need them too :-)

    You know who you are.

    "Rock On"

    "And In The End It All Comes Out I'm Sure"

    Hey Shawn I'd like to see that e-mail too:
    You can send it to southernsunshine2009@hotmail.com

    Bandit (There goes another one)

  27. So I checked out Suzanne's site. Anyone tried her spray to verify it actually works - I know KetoMist works, so not exactly willing to dish out that much money on an unknown product. Just asking' - where is she getting it since Rob's proven version isn't available through anyone else but Rob??? Perhaps through Kyle?...but he is in Canada and isn't suppose to be able to ship to the US. Seems strange to me. Sorry...sticking with KetoMist until I know more.

  28. This is Kyle (My Slim Fix):

    Life is all about choices; we choose who we are friends with, what job we take, the food we eat, who we marry, where we live, the religion we believe in, what business's we support and what business's we do not support.......

    Behind every choice we have reason, and this reason decides why we made the choice we did. No one can ever tell you why you made the choice you did, ONLY the person who made the choice can really ultimately tell why they did what they did weather its a lie or not, only they know.

    Only Suzanne can be the one to really set the record straight of her choice, because she had the reason behind it and only Rob can set the record straight of his choice that he made, because he had the reason behind that, and only I can set the record straight of why I made my choice. Will we ever know who's reasoning are really right or wrong, truth or lie?? NO probably not, but at the end of the day when we really don't know, WHO CARES!! WHY?....let me explain:

    I love what the person above stated, "A tree is known my its fruit!!" Think about that?? Who picks fruit from a tree that produces rotten fruit?? No, you pick from the tree that produces ripe, sweet, crisp, juicy fresh fruit. I'm not saying that Ketomist, Protocol2Health or My Slim Fix is a bad tree, that is for everyone to decide on their own. All i'm saying is make that the decider to who you want to follow and support....you can support all three if you like the fruit each produces, BUT your never EVER really going to know the reason behind every choice that is made, so we will drive ourselves mad trying to figure it out and cause pointless arguments that will go NO WHERE at the end of the day. You may be right, and your information you have from the one party may be right but it is not the only way to base a decision.......for example we see this in government every day, we usually elect people by overall track record and what they have produced not always on every past decision they have made......we have seen this recently with the death of Osama; President Obama now has a track record or as I have been saying, has now produced good fruit to many USA citizens..........

    (Continue below, i'm over my allowed character limit lol).................

  29. Kyle continue........

    I love Canada, I saw a need for Canada that was not able to be met (at no fault of Rob) so I made a choice to take the steps to bring hhcg to to my fellow Canadians and a support site to ANYONE who wants to join to help and support each other out no matter what hhcg product your on......disagree all you want the motives of my reason, but only I know the true reason, some may agree and some may not.....

    When we follow the fruit of a leader and don't need to judge every actions we don't have to question reason or choices, we know the tree/leader is good or bad by the fruit it is producing!! Make sense??

    So take a look at each company; Ketomist, Protocol2Health, My Slim Fix or any other HCG company out there and decide if you like the fruit each produces, maybe you like the fruit of Ketomist GREAT then support Ketomist!! Maybe you love Suzanne at Protocol 2 Health, AWESOME, she is AMAZING!! Maybe you support the work happening at My Slim Fix, I would love to watch people lose weight and get healthy no matter what product your on.... what ever your choice is, you have the reason behind it for yourself, for what you can see, for what you can confirm and not by what anyone else says, YOU SEE THE FRUIT OF WHAT IS BEING PRODUCED, focus on that!!

    As for me, I am in this to see that people everywhere get healthy and have the same awesome results of hhcg as I have! I support Ketomist and its cause, they are helping people that I can not reach, as I am reaching people they can not reach......I also support Protocol 2 Health and its cause, I believe and I hope we are all in it for the ultimate same reason, to help people become healthy!! And hey if one of us is not in it for the right reasons, you will see that in the fruit produced by that leader/company....

    Don't get caught up over other peoples choices, it will drive you crazy, and you may end up disliking someone over a reason you may be completely wrong about. Make your choice on what the person is producing in their life and business.

    Seeing that this blog started off about Suzanne, I will say I really like Suzanne, she gave me much of the support and help that many of you have experienced, I wish her all the best in her new venture, she will do AWESOME, GO HCG LADY!!

    So folks, my advice is put away all the crap you have heard about Rob, Suzanne, or myself, start looking at with fresh eyes and see what is being produced and make your decisions on that. Because as I said you will really never know what reasons were behind each of our choices and that is not fair to you to allow you to have reason to make the choices you need to make, and its not fair to the leader to have to explain every decision that has been made on our part, just follow the fruit.

    Lets keep the ultimate goal in mind, REACHING PEOPLE with hhcg and helping everyone become healthy!! We obviously all believe in this product/diet lets make it happen!!

    Take care & all the best all you AMAZING HHCG ER's :)


  30. I like this quote Kyle..."So folks, my advice is put away all the crap you have heard about Rob, Suzanne, or myself, start looking at with fresh eyes and see what is being produced and make your decisions on that. Because as I said you will really never know what reasons were behind each of our choices and that is not fair to you to allow you to have reason to make the choices you need to make, and its not fair to the leader to have to explain every decision that has been made on our part, just follow the fruit."

    WELL SAID KYLE !! Time to move on and stop this trash talking...as I said in the blog earlier that got deleted - it won't make your hhcg journey work any better of faster. So pick you favorite and get back to shedding.

  31. Dear Anonymous who posted the following message (it's hard to differentiate between all the anonymous people on here so I am reposting the message)...

    I have not deleted ANY comments on this blog. I will look and see if somehow Google has a spam folder and perhaps it is there, but I personally have never edited, censored, or just plain deleted any messages.

    (Oh I get it. You are going to delete my comments because I supported Rob and have a difference of opinion. Apparently you want to prevent an open, intelligent discussion about how to improve the website and encourage the trash talk instead. Whatever - just proves to me what kind of person you really are. I saw all your middle of the night postings of this blog...Shame on YOU, too. Have a nice life. OOO quick, delete this one too before anyone sees it.)

  32. I found 3 comments in the "spam" folder and published all three of them. Hope this satiates you all...

  33. Thanks you for posting my blog (blogs as I reposted it once) As you are now experiencing, monitoring a blog isn't as easy as it looks...and there can be some "other" explanations as to what might be going on "behind the scenes" that we might not know about (as Kyle has suggested). This is just tiny blog compared to KetoMist. So maybe giving Rob some credit for doing the best he can with a site that literally grew up overnight might be something to consider.

  34. To anonymous that carried on about Rob giving us a FREE support site and letting use earn on referrals. I would like to point out that it was Rob's choice to do that. He CHOSE those two items as a marketing strategy and to throw them in the face of his clients is down right rude. It's like a parent who chooses to have children reminding them of all they have done for them. SO what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He made those choices NOT for us but solely for him, knowing very well that referrals mean money in his pocket. I owned a business for 15 yrs and would give my clients a discount for referrals. BUT if they complained about something the last thing on earth I would ever have done was to remind them of the 15 dollars they got off that last service. How foolishly gauche. How absolutely ridiculous that you bring that up you clearly know nothing about business.

  35. Wow, this blog post has stirred up a lot of stuff for a lot of folks! As one of the first people to get 86-ed from the KetoMist site because of my friendship with Suzanne, and having only reached the half-way mark towards my health/weight goals, I must say that I was VERY negatively impacted by my precipitous expulsion from the MFC/KM online community. I had already been well aware of the value of online support for following HHCG protocol and found my weight-shedding sputtered without the encouragement of reading other people's success stories and having my own acknowledged. I was SO GRATEFUL that Kyle's site was up-&-running, and OPEN to all - and I admire his generosity in providing a forum for everyone to help one another, regardless of what product(s) they're using.

    I confess I've been enjoying a bit of schadenfreude, watching Rob's business suffer as Suzanne's site grows - couldn't happen to a more deserving guy, IMHO, considering my own experience with his iffy business practices! I AM grateful to him, however, since I met Suzanne and Kyle and many other friends through the MFC/KM website!

    I strongly believe that we will all get what we want and need if we are persistent and teachable. I hope that Rob gets a clue before scuttling his enterprise completely; it seems pretty clear to me that both Suzanne and Kyle already "get it!"

    Happy shedding/maintaining, everybody! XO - M


    I find Suzanne’s integrity to be above reproach. Yours, I do not (Dan, Shawn, Rob). Therein lies the crux of this matter.

    Realize Robert, there those who hate fascism and flaunting of the law, especially in the guise of a brother claiming to be righteous before the law. To govern in an abominable manner, to act in secret to harm the innocent, is counter to the law. To refuse to be questioned infers a willful involvement in deceit.

    Anonymous (May 18), Rob himself admits banning these people in open reasons he proffers regarding their "offenses" to him. He blames them only after they are "disappeared," unable to speak to their own defense. So your claims they chose to remove their content equals pure bullocks.

    Do you think us stupid? Sophomoric? Cudgeled beyond comprehension? Everyone of good breeding is inflamed with your bearing false witness here.

    Is Robert a "small businessman?" Does he not promote himself as an international businessman and film producer? Does he live quite comfortably in Florida? Did he not import the hCG hormone via a contract with the Italian manufacturer over two years before he figured he could ensnare more capital from a broader consumer base by using the electromagnetic signature produced by his manufacturer Celletech? Did this expand his client base and reduce to zero import taxes and FDA meddling? Isn’t hhcg is pure profit, while the other: pure headache? Do these poor misunderstood lads deserve our pity? Are they simply ruthless businessmen accustomed to seeing trust as a tool to take advantage of others?

    Robert initially tested his product on friends and family (a mere 10 people, his own wife: a mere experimental subject) before he initiated making money. That fails to constitute “research.” We've all been his test subjects! So set aside idealize foolishness. All other homeopathic products on the market had 1000's of happy users long before he evoked one. Enough on that matter!

    What sort of husband and father pushes to promote his family, then allows a demanding stranger (Daniel) impose himself upon his home, wife and children, simply to gain his endorsement? Is family simply another tool Robert?

    A business decision switched Robert from importing to reselling, not a gracious concern for others. And there’s nothing wrong with earning a large income. But at minimum treat well those who help you build your business. Ruthless disregard for others breeds contempt for any businessman. To commit the affront of placing your sister's name on the work of a person you admit set her own copyright to, while admitting never holding a valid contract, is theft. You owe her nothing, yet she owes you her work? Absurd! Given the differences in assets between the parties involved, yours exemplifies a deplorable ethic Robert! However, to terminate any employee then publically vilify them is gross stupidity. No reasonable person "cuts slack" in such matters. So Robert, stop bragging about "paying expensive lawyers" least you suddenly need to retain more.

    Robert's many assets do not substantiate greed, nor does Shawn’s lucrative sports business. However, was their decision to terminate and ban these people based on good business sense or retribution? The Ketomist NING site speaks volumes more than I can. Firing these people then libeling them, shows a gross lack of maturity. Resentful attacks on this woman are about seeking to appear righteous in the face of truly boorish behavior! Especially when plenty of assets exist if Suzanne, Kyle or Paulette choose to silence further libel attacks with a lawsuit. I’ve even reviewed scathing private emails Robert sends attacking his former employee, recommending that no one else do business with her ever again. Again, a scoundrel’s vindictive malice in high form! Do not suppose those you resent, friendless.

    When might a wise man instruct his agents to cease absurd posturing and publically apologize?

  37. To above comment...."When might a wise man instruct his agents to cease absurd posturing and publically apologize?"

    A WISE man would not be in this predicament,therefore could NOT even consider apologies. Any apologies given at this point would be another attempt at salvaging his business and I for one would never believe or accept them.

    To Rob, Daniel and Shawn...Pride cometh before the fall. Take heed, truth has been spoken on this blog and it is not from your camp.

  38. Even if everything from the KM camp is true, which I don't think is the case, they still come across as unprofessional, abrasive, shady and greedy. I chose not to order the KM product again simply because I don't want to support a company that represents itself in this manner.

  39. Rob has made over 4 million dollars off of his customers. (probably well more than that now) The only warmth that came from the support site came from Suzanne and Paulette. They were the face of the product. It's no surprise that with them gone the whole site became utter trash.

    Rob could have easily paid and/or licensed the material that Suzanne created.

    Stereotypical Trademark Jewish Behavior.

  40. Have you read on Suzanne's site that she has been advised to edit her website due to the FDA and FTC? Please chat with her as she may want you to hide this blog or at least do some editing for her. When you do a web search for Suzanne your blog shows up and I know you will want to do what is best for Suzanne and for Protocol2Health, right?