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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Arranged Marriages

My brother Josh often mentions how he supports or at least is interested in the concept of arrange marriages.  Since moving to the Middle East, I've witnessed some arrangements thrive, and others horribly fail.  But I believe that there is hope for these marriages - IF the person arranging them truly knows and cares for both the bride and groom.

This is an open invitation to all you meddlers out there.  Though I have a back up plan (someone who has agreed to marry me if I'm 30 and single), I thought I'd give this whole arranging thing a shot.  If you want, I can even provide you with a short list!

Elaina is also onboard with the plan, but we can't rely on each other to find our perfect match considering our geographic limitations, so we're accepting interference!  Since Elaina's smoking hot and I'm funny, this should be a breeze!?

25-45 years old
Loves traveling and must collect airmiles
Must respect and be willing to support our coffee addictions

* Volunteers will also be considered.  We are equal opportunists and do not discriminate against race or color, however we do discriminate against gynecologist, pediatrists, urologists, snake charmers, or professional clowns.

** Parents need not participate.


  1. haha - what do you have against pediatrists?

  2. really? Parental participation is paramount :)

  3. Wonderful! I know a GORGEOUS guy, who LOVES to travel! He's smart, funny, he's charming, even my dad likes him! Actually, my dad knows him better than I do, he's my dad's proctologist - but that's ok, right? I don't see it on your list... so, like I was saying, he's smart, funny, 32, no kids, but he's great with kids(!), has never been married, never cheated on a girlfriend, loves his mom, sails with his dad, loves good food, is a great cook, tall, dark, gorgeous, rational, thoughtful, fictional, great sense of humor, opens doors for women, car doors too, is a great listener, and is completely unafraid of commitment. Sound pretty good?

  4. Autumn, I don't believe you that this man exists.

  5. Well, one of his attributes is that he's 'fictional' - I suppose that's not really an attribute...perhaps it counts against him?

  6. Darn it! I miss the age requirement by one year...to bad ladies and I'm Rocky Road.

  7. hannah... this is the best blog post I've read in a long time.

    i heart you... too bad I'm not a single guy.