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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Delicious Desserts

I didn't want to make an entire Turkeyday feast this year because I'm still detoxing.  No Sugar.  No Starch. So I created a potluck style dinner.  I made the turkey (a roast rather than a large turkey, our oven is smaller this year than last) and gravy.  Elaina made the pumpkin pie and stuffing.  Everyone else was given a dish (along with specific instructions on how to make it) and we had a feast!!!

Because I wasn't stuck in the kitchen making the main course, I experimented yesterday with desserts (Elaina suggested I post this to help my wife resume).  I made chocolate covered pretzels, peanut butter cookies with candy-cane hershey's kisses on top, chocolate covered oreo reindeer cookies, and a four layer 10 kilo cake, covered with M&M's and surrounded by kit-kats...

For dinner, I ate turkey, asparagus, and frozen strawberries. . . next year I'll stuff my face with the rest... a skinnier healthier me!!

 four layers of sugar
 the bottom two layers are separated by a chocolate sauce
 yummy yummy yummy
emma and sarah dig in... with a spatula!

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