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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

inappropriate attire

if I can do this, so can you!!
Last week we had sports day and I was responsible for two sports "stations"... BUT, I woke up late and wasn't really thinking when I threw an abaya over my pj's and scrambled to get ready.  I definitely was a favourite though when I led the kids in push ups, sit ups, and the wheelbarrow race... all dressed in abaya!!  I think that the students and teachers have some new respect for me... either that or they think I'm crazy.

sixteen, seventeen, eighteen....


  1. i skateboarded in heels once...inappropriate attire is sometimes awesome when it comes to garnering respect. other times...not so much.

  2. The word on the street is they think you're crazy :P

  3. were you hot? i imagine a black dress thing over my pjs in the desert to be hot...

  4. @ josh.... I probably did have some coffee straight away...
    @ nona... skateboarding in heels is hardcore
    @ robby... wouldn't want anything otherwise
    @ bmac... weather here still is pretty mild... wasn't too bad