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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

white lies

The sandstorm started about 10 minutes before the kids were meant to go on break.  But did that cancel break?  Unfortunately the kids didn't seem bothered by the sand (apparently kids like getting dirty) and it was just me out there wincing with the piercing grains of sand pummeling against my body.  Now I'm dirty and covered in sand.  I think I actually look like I'm in my 30's...  I'm pretty sure that recess is canceled during blizzards, rain, and hailstorms... why not during sandstorms???  Would it be horrible if I told them I'm allergic to sand so that I don't have to go out there again tomorrow? 


  1. LOL, I say do it! Sounds like a good idea to me.

  2. wow - i hate being on duty in the best of weather so i cannot imagine a sandstorm. that sucks. i think maybe you ARE allergic, right?

  3. Becca - I absolutely HATE duty. can't they hire people to watch the kids?? SERIOUSLY? And yes, I am allergic. I didn't feel good at all after the duty - that's a sign of an allergy, right?