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Monday, January 10, 2011

highs and lows

I don't want to be a rollercoaster person - you know the type, the ones who are giddy happy one minute and then crash and turn into a miserable person the next!  I've had a great first week of 2011 and then today was miserable.  The students made me wanna shoot myself in the face, there isn't enough time to get things done, my car needs ANOTHER repair (what the heck is an engine cushion and why is my car so friggin loud when I reverse??? oh yeah, it needs a dang friggity lickin new engine cushion...). SO my fear is that this crappy day is going to stick around and I won't be able to shake it. 

And if things turn around, am I going to be on top of the world again? I don't want to become bi-polar.  BUT I do want to be filled with God's Joy and stay on top.

breathe. breathe.

It's ok to have bad days.  It's what I do with the bad day that matters.  The kids leave in 10 minutes, I leave in 30.  Am headed to Starbucks to meet Elaina Renee for a latte.  Then steak for dinner.  It's gonna be ok.

(ps, I know my blog is boring. but I like writing anyways! :)


  1. steak is a good start. i'm pretty sure that you couldn't stay miserable, hanners. you're too fun. it will pick up soon, my friend! hang in there!

  2. Steak always helps! :) Who can complain after eating a delicious steak?!?! NOT ME!