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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

smile or puke?

I'm having a good week.  Once I recovered from my distressing 8 hour encounter with the JFK airport, I couldn't stop smiling.  I'm home and the jetlag is almost a memory.  I did sneak into Elaina's room this morning so that I could use her internet when I woke up at 5:15am... I didn't stop smiling yesterday when one grade 5 student told me that there are only two teachers in our school who don't yell at students.  ME and her mother.  I couldn't stop smiling because I don't know her mum's name.  I just call her "teacher who yells" when speaking about her.  Sometimes I have to clarify if "teacher who yells" is arabic, head teacher, ms. happy, or american... But usually my collegue Robby knows exactly who I'm speaking about.

Then today I nearly vomitted in my mouth.  Dillemma.  Do I laugh it off, confront her, or vomit?

The only thing I could think to do was blast a bit of Chris Martin Christmas songs and hope that it would drown her out.  I'm still smiling, she can't ruin the Christmas glow around me.  Now I'm headed home for a humongous steak and a restful evening...

... and maybe even a latte!

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