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Saturday, January 1, 2011

JFK excitement

JFK airport just really isn't amazing. True, it has 8 terminals, but terminal 4 is NOT amazing.  FOUR may be my favourite number but this airport is BORING.  My flight was supposed to leave at 11pm.  it's now 12:05am and I'm still here.  There was some sort of mechanical problem and the plane was replaced on the Dubai end... and was delayed there for 12 hours.  When it's a 15 hour flight, that is a huge deal.  Apparently it's supposed to land here at 2:30am, get cleaned, and then take off again at 4:30am.  DOUBTFUL that will happen as the Emirates Airbus 330 is the largest plane in the world and takes HOURS to empty, clean, and refill.

Airports are boring, but there's plenty going on here to watch.  For instance, crazy lady next to me has a cat on a leash... and she's gently coaxing the cat to drink her "mochi mocha" out of the take-away cup provided by Peet's Coffee and Tea. That's weird, eh? isn't it?  I did also think it was odd she was trying to get people to take her free hotel voucher, there is some reason why she can't use it but I tried to not listen to her while she explained the reasons again and again...

I thought about getting a pedicure while I waited but it seemed a better idea to (stop the press, crazy lady just tried to get cat to eat her panini, asking her again and again, are you sure you don't want it? sure you don't want it???) pay the 8 bucks for boingo internet than the 50 for pretty toes.  and I loved visiting Jenny in New York for New Years, but seriously, what airport doesn't have free wireless these days???  And airports without comfy seating or beds seriously suck. SUCK SUCK SUCK.

I am already missing my pro-d day at work, looks like I might miss the first day of school of 2011..... whoops!

moral of the story:  always good to have internet and latte's!

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