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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Bucket List

This summer I wanted to detox, practice yoga, travel, run, and see my family.  
I'd say it's been a successful summer.

Detoxed - (accidentally lost 10+ pounds)
Yoga - practiced many different styles in many different studios (over 45 classes and workshops)
Travel - managed to visit 8 states and one province, including Orange County, California; Vancouver, British Columbia, and Long Island, New York.
Running - Ran in two 5km races (Brooklyn Bridge and the Mount Airy Rocks and Runs - the article even mentions a runner from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates!)
Family - Spent quality time with all of my immediate family members and saw many of my relatives up in Canada!

Successful Summer!


  1. i love that they mention a runner from abu dhabi! it's like you're a famous runner that came all this way to run in their race! love it!

    sounds like a good summer - i'm glad i got a visit in! :)

  2. (Eric says that the "runner" from Abu Dhabi is him because he pre-registered and I registered at the race so it wouldn't have been in the system in time to be mentioned in a newspaper...)

    tears rolls down my face.