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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Lunch

Dad grows a lot of squash every year and usually he and I are the only two who really eat it.  Since I've been detoxing, I haven't been eating or even preparing my share of the squash, so today I tried a new recipe and it turned out delicious!!!  I also made some chicken enchiladas for lunch, threw together some ingredients and the family seemed to enjoy them.  I did have some 'tense' moments in the kitchen when I realized that I'm not amazing at making more than one dish at a time (especially when it's my first time making either of them and one doesn't have a recipe).  I also cannot cook/bake in a messy kitchen... eeeek!

Butternut Squash with sea salt and cracked pepper

Twice Baked Squash - filling has sour cream, paprika, sea salt and cracked pepper... toasted breadcrumbs on top!

Chicken enchiladas in Corn Tortillas (glutton free)...
Filling: Grilled peppers, onions, paprika, sea salt, cracked pepper, chicken
Filling Sauce: Sour Cream, medium Salsa
Topping: Cheddar Cheese, Mozzarella, Salsa


  1. Thank you SO much for sharing! I can not wait to try the twice baked squash!! Where is the exact recipe? http://www.yogapeach.com

  2. Yoga peach, I found it on pinterest, but the recipe is a martha steward special...


  3. (if you click the link 'new recipe' it takes you to pinterest... clicking the photo takes you to martha's page... BUT I put the link in the comment above so it's easier for everyone to find!