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Monday, October 5, 2009

i made it to the US Embassy today in Abu Dhabi to renew my passport. The good news is that i can keep my current passport while they are processing my old passport. very handy incase i need to flee in the night. i'm still jobless, but after applying for 300+ jobs, i finally received two phone calls from recruiters yesterday. not offering me an immediate start with mind blowing benefits and salary, but it's better than nothing! E reckons that i should focus this blog on what to do with your life while you're not working... or how to survive without a paycheque... but that's easy.

wake up.
apply for jobs.
eat breakfast.
apply for jobs.
have coffee.
apply for jobs.
play bejeweled (rest the mind).
eat again.
apply for jobs.
eat all meals at home, it's cheaper than restaurants.
drink coffee at home, its cheaper than starbucks.

anyways, just thought i'd post my old passport photo and my new one. see if i've changed over the past 10 years!!!

oh side note: there is a little glint of a lipring in my passport photo. the man at the store initially kindly did me a favour and airbrushed it out for me. i informed him that i was aware that i have a lipring and would like for it to be in the photo... he told me that i wasn't allowed. took awhile to convince him that in america we are allowed to have liprings, purple hair, or a face covered in tattoos!


  1. i just saw you and can't remember a lip ring! weird. it must look that normal. you're a hottie.

  2. You have changed! This is the best passport picture I've seen. And hey.... I am like you... I am teaching Arabic students! From Lydia

  3. bec, sometimes i wear the lipring, sometimes i dont. i probably wasn't wearing it when i saw you, didn't wanna be a bad influence on ben!