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Thursday, October 8, 2009

advice... arms dealer or unemployed?

when do you decide to just take a job? forget about your career, future goals, morals. at what point are you broke enough to just say screw it and settle? i've learnt a bit through this job process. first of all, if you haven't ever been "made redundant" (aka, been fired)... you don't know what it's like. . . and you don't have all the answers.
my friend Rachel wrote this to me today on fb chat:

have you tried looking for jobs on Monster? What about Career Builder?


j/k. I hate job hunting

and I hate when people give AWESOME advice just trying to be helpful. :)

how's it going?

I laughed. she's right. awesome advice isn't always appreciated. Obviously i've looked on every imaginable website and have applied for 300+ jobs. and today i even interviewed for a job as an arms dealer that i found on craigslist... (jury's still out on that job).

i've turned down a couple of jobs/interviews. i'm not desperate enough to teach 5/6 grade science. I am NOT a teacher, just posed as one for a few years. i also won't work for $1000 a month as a customer service rep for Emirates, even if it does mean cheap plane tickets. I don't apply for the jobs that ask for photos and require 'girls with adventurous morals' (honest to goodness, saw this on an add)...

do i take the first decent job i'm offered? or do i hold out for the next big adventure? arg, if only i knew the future. no wait, that wouldn't really be any fun.

and just a piece of advice for anyone out there going on an interview... don't talk. ask the company questions, lots of them. let them talk, let them tell you all about their kids, grandparents, childhood, hobbies. ANYTHING. people like to hear themselves talk, and they'll leave the interview feeling like they really enjoyed themselves.


  1. where did you find the job for arms dealer....hook me up!

  2. hmmm. which scott is this? i know a scott or two who don't need to know the contact details of any arms dealers!! :)