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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Well I'm sitting here waiting for a job interview. good thing that I was only ten minutes early as I've been informed that the woman I'm meeting will be 1/2 hour late. Seriously? That doesn't help the nerves, even though I know that I don't want this job. In theory an interview for a undesirable job should be effortless. Nerves of steel. I don't want this job. Then why am I here? Nobody knows. I guess it's just for practice.

Why don't I want this job? This job that promises millions and gazillions of dollars if you're willing to put in the time? Well, Perhaps because it's solely based on commission. And they won't provide a residency visa until after a probation period. Or because it's sales. And because it's 140km from my house. These are all very good and valid reasons, but it's probably actually because it's a job for corporate America, Arab style. Did I ever dream of investment banking as a career? Nope. Am I comfortable wearing a suit jacket, heels, and a tucked in shirt? Nope. Do I want to work in a cut throat environment? Nope. Am I scared of this job, scared that I might actually be good at it? Maybe.

So I guess that I have to just accept that this is good practice. Working on my interview skills. Selling myself to the client. Because basically I've decided that I have an image problem. People don't buy into the "Hannah" factor that I've been trying to sell. People aren't knocking on my door or rackin' up an Etisalat bill to hire me. I have been rejected from VOLUNTEER positions. How is that possible? I read my friend Kati's blog the other day and it was pretty dang encouraging. I mean, she's a well educated, experienced and hot candidate. I'd hire her - but even she's even having issues finding a job in the big bad DC market. So I'm not the only amazing candidate out there having issues finding work.

I'm not sure what I'm learning from this experience. I've seen more guys walk by in metro tight collared shirts, ties, and pinstriped pants. Girls are wearing all sorts of dresses, slacks, and expensive business wear. I can't afford the 'costumes' required to work here. Nor am I sure why I'd have to dress the part if my job is predominately on the PHONE. Nobody can see me, unless there is a secret web cam that I haven't seen. Frick, they probably have a camera zoomed in on what I'm typing right now.

Moral of the Story: I want this job, I want this job, I am a motivated individual. I can do this job, I can make you proud, you want me. You will hire me and you will love me. And you must over pay me for my efforts!! :) TAKE THAT, NANNY-CAM!... I need a coffee.

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